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We specialize in fresh, local seafood, but we don't stop there. Westport is one of the largest commercial fishing ports in the United States, and the boats here catch a large variety of seafood. Our biggest sellers are our local products, caught and delivered right to our store.

Albacore Tuna - Available fresh from late July through October. Frozen and canned are available year round. For more info, visit our tuna page.

Salmon - Local wild-caught fish are available fresh from May through October. We also fly in fresh fish from Alaska and carry high-quality frozen product in the off-season.

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Halibut - Avaliable year round. Locally caught when available, or fresh from Alaska when we can't get local fish.

Dungeness Crab - Locally caught from November through mid-September, crab is one of our biggest sellers. We have live or fresh-cooked crab available regularly. We cook crab almost every day. Availibility is sometimes limited by extended periods of stormy weather, but we have a large supply of crab about 98% of the time.

Spot Prawns - Locally caught and excellent quality. Large loads of fresh prawns come in at various times, and single-pound frozen sizes that we freeze in water are available year round.

Smoked Fish - Smoked Albacore Tuna, King Salmon, Black Cod and more. We find that people really love our smoked fish.

Much More - Other locally caught fish include different types of bottomfish, cod, salmon, etc. We also bring in popular items from other regions as well.

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