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Availability - Tuna are highly migratory. They show up between mid-June and early July and stay within range until some time in October. We sell them fresh during this time frame. This year we also plan on vacuum packing and freezing large quantities of fish. This way you can have premium tuna all year long right out of your freezer. It's best to reserve fish ahead of time so that we will be sure to have it.

Price - The 2016 price for Albacore Tuna has varied between $2.59 per pound and $2.99 per pound. Fish average about 16 pounds each. If you are just looking for a smaller amount for dinner, we also sell tuna fillets (loins) from the store out of the display case.

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At the Seafood Connection, we sell locally caught, premium quality Albacore Tuna. The tuna that migrate close to Westport every year are smaller albacore, usually averaging about 16 pounds. Their higher body fat gives them an excellent flavor and makes them very high in Omega-3s - almost 1400mg per 2 ounce serving! Their mercury content is lower than supermarket albacore - similar to chunk light tuna, and high the Mercury/Selenium ration makes this a non-issue. For detailed nutritional information, check out our other web site: http://CannedAlbacoreTuna.com

Home Canning - The vast majority of the fish we sell is home canned by our customers. We fillet and remove red meat from the fish for $5 each. Tuna are about 50% meat, so a 20 pound gives you 10 pounds of meat. One pound of meat will fill one pint jar, so you get roughly half as many pint jars as pounds of whole fish that you buy. Home canning gives you amazing quality, ready-to-eat tuna to enjoy all year long. One of the tips that all of the locals know is that the tuna is better when it is aged 6 months to a year after canning. We also sell frozen vacuum packed tuna for you to can later.

Professionally Canned - If home canning sounds like too much work, we sell professionally canned tuna in our store and from our web site http://CannedAlbacoreTuna.com. We currently offer three varieties: Home Style Premium, Smoked, and No Salt Added. Give it a try. You will be glad you did. We will be glad too, because once you try our tuna, you will not go back to supermarket fish.

Fresh Smoked - If you have never had fresh smoked albacore, you are missing out on a real treat. It is one of the most popular items that we sell. We smoke fish regularly, and we try to have smoked albacore in stock every day.

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